Helpful Links

Below you will find a list of helpful links that will make getting around and finding what you need during these next two weeks easy.


  • Getting started – HOW DO I HELP?
  • Need help understanding your role or what all is involved – CHRISTMAS CAMPAIGN 101
  • Get the list of all Leaders in all areas – APPROVED LEADER LIST
  • Make sure to reach out if you need any help whatsoever – CONTACT ME


  • Making that first call to your approved department – INTRODUCTION CALL
  • Make sure to indicate that your goodies were delivered with the backing of hundreds of people from around the country who came together (in just days) for this very cause – attach our PRINTABLE TAGS – email me to received at
  • Make sure to submit your final numbers for your area so we can end this with a full tally of all that were officers served sweet kindness – CONTACT ME

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