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Cookies for a Cop was founded December 4th, 2014 as a way to tell our law enforcement officers that we appreciate them, value them, and want to lift their spirits. This coordinated and highly organized annual event is bringing together approved leaders from across the U.S. to deliver cookies to their local departments, dispatch centers, and detention centers. We have a mission to delivery 2 cookies for every one officer / civilian support personnel in the hopes of bringing a smile to their face. The gift of a cookie is such a kind thing. The gift of tens of thousands, delivered in a coordinated effort is something beyond amazing!


Our founder’s roots are from fire service where she grew up in firehouses and cheering her hero dad each time he and his fellow firefighters headed out to save the day. As an adult, she now has a brother on each side of the coin – one with fire service, the other in law enforcement. With this history, it only made sense to add the the fire community by making deliveries our friends in red an official addition. This decision has proven to be an extremely popular move with many, many fire departments already on the list to receive their own dose of sweet kindness in October.


Starting as a random idea in 2014, this annual campaign has turned into something so much bigger! With our first campaign, the Christmas Campaign, we were able to deliver over 30,000 cookies to over 220 departments in 24 states on or about December 22nd, 2014.  In just 2.5 weeks, we went from a simple idea to this amazing statement of support.  Each delivery was not just the work of one group or family but with the backing of  thousands and it is with this incredible flood that we were able to drive home just how valued these men and women are to us. In seeing the tag “Sweet Kindness from Cookies for a Cop”, they realized that they were a part of something HUGE, something AMAZING. Our 2015 campaign went so much further with our “Fall back on us” event in October 2015. We delivered over 116,000 cookies to departments, correctional centers, and dispatch centers in 28 states. We can’t wait to see what 2016 and beyond hold for us!

In total, including our deliveries during times or tragedy or celebration, we have now delivered over 280,000 cookies; bringing smiles to those so deserving.

Love and compassion are contagious.
Lead the way. Inspire others.

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