Dear Ms. Denis,

In the midst of picking up, loading, and unloading over 12,000 cookies today in preparation for our deliveries for the officers in the Greater Cincinnati area, I read your column titled “Prescott police deserve better than uncertain future”. I finished my very long day of work and before heading into the next task at hand I decided to take a moment to write to you. I am sure I will be up into the wee hours of the morning anyway preparing for our silly cookie delivery that is sure to only add to the waistlines of those who protect us daily; so a few more minutes of my time is nothing.

While you sleep, thousands across the US are working to get their deliveries ready and making sure those added touches of #sweetkindness are all in place. While you sleep, we are up worried about our loved ones. Worried not just about their pay and the bills in the mailbox but about their safety, their worries, and their stress. In case you haven’t noticed, Ms. Denis, it’s quite a different world lately and our officers are under attack. Sadly at times, that extends to those who sit behind a keyboard and carry the title “freelance journalist”.

What you seem to miss is that our officers don’t just need a nice paycheck that can offer a means of support for their families. They need a public who cares. A public who appreciates them and a public who, when the world is filled with such ugliness, is willing to do whatever they are able to in order to say “we support you”. I might also add, it is not just the officers who need this. It is their loved ones as well. Those very loved ones who are baking cookies and expanding waistlines.

What you seem to miss is that while it is just a silly cookie to you, to these officers, it is a coordinated effort that actually uplifts and is not revolving around a message of hate. You see a silly cookie; we see support. You see a silly cookie, we see kindness; something this world needs so greatly.

Support is not just support when it comes in the manner in which Ms. Denis, Freelance Journalist, sees fit. Support is support and sometimes when people feel at a loss in how they can support, something as simple as a silly cookie can be a game changer. Have you ever noticed that when you give a person a cookie, they smile? Something so small, so everyday, so silly, is able to bring such joy to a person.

Mock our cookies all you want but please know that we are set to deliver over 100,000 (ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND) cookies this week to officers and their support staff in 27 states. While this won’t help pad their wallet, I am betting it will do much more for their moral than your freelance column.

I wish you a moment of kindness in your day and a cookie to bring a smile to your face as well.

Cookies for a Cop Founder and Proud Sister of a LEO

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