One question that has come up often is “what does it mean to be a leader” so let’s try to answer this as thoroughly we can at this time. Cookie deliveries should never be made in our name without prior approval from Cookies for a Cop.

Once you’ve read through the following, you will find the form below to get your name on the list to be approved.

Everything the leader does for an
event should be in direct and continued
coordination with Cookies for a Cop.


  • Any Cookies for a Cop coordinated and approved event that involves edibles. The approved leader is the point of contact for that area (department).
  • Any event in direct cooperation with local law enforcement agency that you would like to do with the support of thousands and in the Cookies for a Cop name. We will offer help / resources as possible.
  • Any event or need referred by Cookies for a Cop to an existing leader for their area.
  • Leaders are not committed to events in the future. They will be asked if they would like to participate but if they choose not to, a new or additional leader may be added / selected.


  • While this is not something that is widely shared, we do have a GoFundMe page to allow those who would like to be involved but for one reason or another can’t. You can donate HERE or via a Paypal account should you wish to go that route instead. I have and will only shared the PP info upon request.
  • Help spread the word! One thing is for certain – cops know cops. Tell your trusted friends what we are doing. Help us spread this campaign by talking about it and getting others on board! We have a hefty goal for 2015 and since it is a word of mouth kind of thing, the words from your mouth are appreciated. 🙂
  • Any non-edible event such as but not limited to: #GrabTheTab, #KindnessOnACard, #KindKids and more.
  • Share your acts of kindness with us so we can share with our community and encourage others to be as awesome as you!


  • Anyone can deliver cookies anytime they wish under their own name and by their own accord but to show up and deliver those same cookies with the backing of thousands who are doing the same thing – is HUGE. The gift of a cookie is great but when that gift is multiplied by tens of thousands, it becomes a huge statement.
  • Being a leader puts you in a position to be called on to help should future / other needs arise. We have been contacted by a few departments / individuals already asking for us to find contacts for their area to help with public support, event volunteers, and more. You are not committed to help but should you wish to take on a greater role, this may be a manner to be in that position.


  • When dealing with cookie events, leaders agree to:
    • Contact the departments they are serving to introduce themselves, the campaign, and to verify that this type of campaign is acceptable for their department.
    • Submit the total number of department officers and support staff served to CFAC – HERE!  (this is important)
    • Remain in contact with CFAC for other needs.
    • Refer helpers to LIKE and follow Cookies for a Cop.
  • Leaders agree to not share CFAC delivery tags, Leader Packs, or other items supplied by this site with anyone else. Supplied items upon approval are for your use only.
  • Leaders agree to name COOKIES FOR A COP as the organization promoting the efforts in any media coverage received or social media posts published.
  • Leaders agree to refer friends who wish to participate in a leadership role to Cookies for a Cop for approval. Once in a leadership position, you may contact us to give verification if you personally know and approve of this person.
  • Leaders agree to share photos and other items on our Facebook page or send via email. We also encourage you to share on your own profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc and always use the hashtags #SweetKindness and #CookiesForACop
  • Leaders agree that other departments will not be covered without prior approval. Note, we encourage branching out but we need to be notified to keep our stats accurate and to make sure the area is not already covered.

Find more information HERE.

If you wish to submit a request to be a leader for your area, please FILL OUT THIS FORM.

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