Tonight was a Christmas party. It was a night of fun and smiles, family and friends.

Towards the end of the evening, I pulled out my phone to see what was going on with our project and the world. I wish I hadn’t.

I was immediately heartbroken; immediately angry.

I am heartbroken because now there are families that mourn. These families are not JUST in the tradition sense that non-first responder families know. These families extend to every person who puts on that uniform. These families extend to the families of those who wear that uniform. We ache and we cry.

I am angry because when will it stop? When will the hate and the lawlessness and retaliation end? I am angry because we have those who point the fingers at our law enforcement officers instead of the law breakers. I am angry because of the media continuing to shove something in the faces of people because it’s “exciting”, it’s dramatic, and it leaves room for so much talk. I am angry because I feel they are, to a degree, responsible for what our men and women face today. Fan the flames. Throw fuel on the fire. And then, act shocked and saddened when the inevitable result of these actions happen. I am angry because when will our men and women; those who protect us, get the support they need and deserve?

……EOW is called.

Two of New York’s finest are gone.

So as we left this joyous night of holiday cheer, I found myself withdrawn in the car, stewing in sadness and anger.

While I have so much more I could and want to say, I end here.

I end with the thought that again….



I am off to focus on kindness because right now, anger would be too easy…….too counterproductive.

Heroes, we value you and appreciate you. With both sadness and joy, we will flood your departments with love and with kindness Monday. (If only we could get to you all).

Our incredible logo design was provided free of charge by the ever so awesome Troy Webster with Atomic Designs and Decals. Troy is also a firefighter and understands all too well. When I text him to ask for an updated logo, it was done and to me in minutes. Troy is the best and comes highly recommended.

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