If you followed along on Facebook over the past two days, you know that we had an absolute blast with Christmas campaign selfies at every stop and videos along the way. I thought I’d share our selfies for those who did not get to see them all or are just joining us.


First stop was Fox 19 for a quick segment before heading out to deliver! My son met Frank Marzullo and that my friends, made his day!

Before heading to D2, Cincinnati Police Department, we had to go pick up our neighbor friend. He was set to come with us but in the rush of things, we forgot him. TRUE STORY!  eeek!  We picked him up though and got back on the road!

Stop #2 was to Fairfax. When walking up to take these selfies, a man drove by. He stopped and yelled “hey, I saw you on the news this morning!”  Of course we had to whoop and hollar. Everyone was wearing the biggest smiles!  When we got inside, we met Chief Steve Kelly and he was so genuinely nice! He loaded the boys up with fun stuff and even told them that he was on a mission to make sure no other department out did him. Steve, you won the prize for the day.

Mariemont PD was next. The sun made this shot hard to get because we could not see the screen and what exactly we were getting into the shot. Oh well, it worked and on we went!

While at Mariemont, we found out there was a Newtown PD. They were not on the list but we made sure to stop in with some extra cookies we had packed for such an occasion!

Terrace Park was when our tummies started to rumble. We knew it wouldn’t be long before we’d start looking for food. First, we had one more stop to make before we could concede to the call of food.

MILFORD!  This was it – our last stop before we decided to make a run for the border! (Why am I cut off? #conspiracy)

OH YEA!  No caption needed.

The officer at Montgomery PD told us he was not allowed to have a photo in uniform with us so we figured we better not get one with their car either because we weren’t sure what all was covered under this “rule” and what wasn’t.

You don’t have to see my son’s face to know he’s jazzed – see the hand?

This will forever stand out in my memories. St. Bernard! These dogs are EVERYWHERE. Seriously – every other corner has a full size statue of a St. Bernard and they all look just like this fella!

This stop also brought a moment of “there’s God again”. We pulled into a parking lot across from what we now know was the old PD. As we were getting out, some guys pulled in and said they moved right down the street and that they would show us the way.  How they knew we needed their guidance, we don’t know but they showed the way and once we were parked, they told us where to go and then headed back off.

ELMWOOD!  Elm trees seem to be the thing here in good ol’ Elmwood!

Lockland! We met some really awesome people here. When leaving, we knew our selfie HAD TO BE with the neon sign above. It was like going back in time and we seriously loved it! Keep the sign forever. Please!

God moment again here. When we arrived at this location, we realized we had accidentally packed TWO boxes of cookies for this location. We decided we would find another recipient later for the second box. Grabbing the first, we went on in and made friends. Once we left and after we got our selfie, we met this new friend:

This new friend was with Pierce Township. She told us the most amazing story about how she knew exactly who we were and her reaction to reading about our mission. I won’t share as it’s kind of our special thing BUT I will say that I have no doubt whatsoever that God had this extra box waiting for her. She would not have received any if not for this stop and this extra box labeled for this very stop. The entire encounter still gives me chills. New friend, I don’t know your name but I won’t forget you!

This was Lincoln Heights. We forgot to get our selfie outside the building (so we did it in the car) and here’s why:

We could not find anyone. No one answered the door at the police department. No one was around the firehouse. (It was a little creepy to find no one anywhere.) We finally rang the bell at the city building.  It took a bit for anyone to show there too. When the door finally opened, we explained that we hadn’t had time to verify delivery before coming but we wanted their PD to have cookies as well. She said okay, promised to deliver to the PD and closed the door. We later found that the PD is no longer in service there?  Someone enjoyed cookies……  LOL

It took a bit to find Evendale. Our Google Map was not cooperating and we were down the street going in circles.  We finally found it and were slightly jazzed that we were approaching the end of our day!

Woodlawn was a ghost town. Lights out. We finally found a notice on the wall to call a number for assistance, so we did. They man said he’d send someone right over. Not know where “right over” was coming from, we stepped outside to wait. About this time another fella pulled up. He was an employee but didn’t have keys so he was stuck outside with us. *Lucky fella*

Before long, two other men pulled up. We had to laugh because just a few minutes prior it was a ghost town and now, we had 3 guys in a matter of 2-3 minutes. #thepowerofcookies

We forgot to get a selfie when leaving the Hamilton County Dispatch center so you get the above instead.  😀

Before we could head home, we needed to get some fuel in our bodies after a long day!  (Notice it’s starting to get darker out)

When we arrived home, there was a comment on the Facebook page. Someone in the restaurant saw our shirts and looked us up. She could not believe the awesome things going on here! WOOT!


Day two yielded far less stops but just as much fun!  This day we had a new friend with us. We lovingly call him hashbrown partially because he has a made love of….hashbrowns!

First stop, Elsmere!  Hashbrown’s dad is a LEO and the Chief here knows his father quite well. You could see the visible emotion when he realized who was standing in front of him. It was very sweet. We were taken back to his office where he gave each of the boys a Challenge Coin. Needless to say, this was a HUGE HIT. We had the most incredible conversation. Elsmere is a lucky place to have this leader!

Erlanger was a quiet day at the office. They had just had stop with a cop the day prior and today, one of their own was saying good-bye to his spouse so many were gone in support of their brother. Definitely a sad stop. 🙁

After leaving Erlanger, we headed to Dayton to meet their leader, Karen. She invited us up to take part in giving the goodies to the men and women and to be a part of a news interview. This was a very cool experience and I am so blessed that she thought to invite us. We were able to meet the K9 dog, watch them test their tasers before heading out, and even a few of the men came to give me a hug. The fact that they were thanking me when they are the ones needing thanked was incredible. This stop (our last) was a great way to end our road trip of deliveries.

To every person we had the fortune of meeting, you touched our day and our lives. This entire 2.5 weeks has been nothing short of amazing and such a blessing.


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