Dear LEO and FF

Our letter this year takes on a different spin than those from the past two with the (official) addition of our friends in the fire service! We are so excited to add red to our logo and expand our reach to those so deserving!

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Explanation of our process

To help you better understand our processes here, we wanted to walk through the reasons we require approval and leaders for each department.

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Dear Ms. Denis

Dear Ms. Denis,
Mock our cookies all you want, but you should know…

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Every fourteen minutes

Today’s events have me taking to my feet over and over…every 14 minutes. This post came as the baking had commenced following the killing of Cincinnati Police Officer, Sonny Kim. Rest in peace, Officer Kim.

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Identification is a MUST in 2015 (and beyond)

This added step for is a must in 2015 for security reasons. Make sure to find out the details of this latest change!

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Support no matter what?

I was recently met with the pondering of should we support our police no matter what? My response brought emotion I hadn’t expected but I thought that this was worth saying and may be worth reading.

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What does it mean to be a leader?

One question that has come up often is “what does it mean to be a leader” so let’s try to answer this as thoroughly we can at this time. Once you’ve read through the following, you will find the form below to get your name on the list to be approved. NOTE: Cookie deliveries should never be made in our name without prior approval from Cookies for a Cop.

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Christmas campaign selfie marathon

If you followed along on Facebook over the past two days, you know that we had an absolute blast with Christmas campaign selfies at every stop and videos along the way. I thought I’d share our selfies for those who did not get to see them all or are just joining us.

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I am off to focus on kindness because right now, anger would be too easy…….too counterproductive.

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2016 Dept Notes


All leaders are required to present ID upon delivery. Find more on this requirement HERE.

Departments may make a copy for their records should they choose to for added peace of mind with this project.


An open letter to you: Dear law enforcement officers…

Find our stats and media coverage

Our sponsors

Our 2014 selfie marathon – our family took selfies at all of our stops to share our fun along the way. I’ve included notes for each stop to help connect our friends with our journey. We had leaders across the country – 24 states delivering at the same time so imagine this fun, love, and appreciation multiplied that much more!+


2016 Approved Leaders
– Law Enforcement

2016 Approved Leaders
– Fire Departments


2014 Approved Leaders

2015 Approved Leaders


Email us through our CONTACT FORM or directly at

2016 Approved Leaders
(Law Enforcement)

This list will continue to be updated as new departments are added / leaders are approved.
* – Departments we have served #sweetkindness in the past!

Find out how to become an approved leader for your area! GO HERE


*Alabama State Troopers (Jacksonville) – Jodi B
*Ohatchee PD – Jodi B
*Oxford PD – Jodi B
*Weaver PD – Jodi B


*Bullhead PD – Jaclyn C
*Kingman PD – Jaclyn C
*Kingman DPS – Jaclyn C
*Maricopa County SO (Cave Crk) – Jessica C
*Mohave County SO – Jaclyn C


*Corona PD – Debby G
*Hayward PD – Lisa J
*Huntington Beach PD – Valeria S


*Alachua County SO – Jessica B
Alachua PD – Jessica B
High Springs PD – Jessica B


*Ketchum PD – Kristal S


*Batesville PD – Brandy M
*Brookville PD – Brandy M
*Dearborn County SO – Brandy M
*Franklin County – Brandy M
*Greendale PD – Brandy M
*Hidden Valley PD – Brandy M
*Laurel County SO – Brandy M
*Mt Carmel PD – Brandy M
*St Leon PD – Brandy M
*Sunman  PD – Brandy M
*West Harrison PD – Brandy M


*Alexandria PD – Pam K
*Bellevue PD – Sharon N
Bluegrass Airport – Robin F
*Boone County Detention Center – Amanda B
*Boone County Dispatch – Brooke M
Bourbon County So – Robin F
Boyle County SO – Robin F
*Campbell County Detention Center – Sharon N
*Campbell County PD – Pam K
*Campbell Regional Juvenile Detention Cntr – Becky G (Open)
*Carroll County Detention Center – Everett H
*Carroll County SO – Everett H
*Carrollton PD – Everett H
Centre College Public Safety – Robin F
Clark County SO – Robin F
*Cold Spring PD – Pam K
*Covington PD – Lindsey A
*CVG Airport PD – Becky G (Open)
Danville PD – Robin F
*Dayton PD – Sharon N
*Dry Ridge PD – Becky G / Co-Leader
*Edgewood PD – Peggi B
*Eastern Kentucky Univ PD – Laurie A
*Eastern Kentucky Univ Dispatch – Laurie A
*Elsmere PD – Amanda B
*Falmouth PD – Becky G / Co-Leader
Fayette County SO – Robin F
*Florence PD – Brooke M
*Fort Mitchell PD – Becky G / Co-Leader
*Fort Wright PD – Becky G / Co-Leader
Frankfort PD – Robin F
Franklin County SO – Robin F
*Gallatin County – Becky G / Co-Leader
*Georgetown PD – Julia L / Robin F
*Grant County Detention Center – Becky G / Co-Leader
*Grant County Justice Center – Becky G / Co-Leader
*Grant County SO – Becky G / Co-Leader
Harrodsburg  PD – Robin F
*Independence PD – Peggi B
Johnson County SO – Robin F
Keeneland Public Safety – Robin F
*Kenton County Animal Control – Becky G / Co-Leader
*Kenton County Detention Center – Becky G / Co-Leader
*Kenton County Dispatch – Peggi B
*Kenton County PD – Peggi B
*Kenton County SO – Peggi B
Kentucky Horse Park Mounted Patrol – Robin F
*Kentucky State PD (Post 7-Richmond) – Laurie A
*Kentucky State PD (Post 8) – Jessica G
*Kentucky State PD (Post 6) – Heather S
*Lakeside Park PD – Becky G / Co-Leader
Lancaster PD – Robin F
Lexington PD – Robin F
*Louisville Correctional – Lindsey A
*Louisville PD – Lindsey A
*Ludlow PD – Lindsey A
*Madison County SO – Laurie A
Mercer County SO – Robin F
*Montgomery County Dispatch – Jessica G
*Montgomery County SO – Jessica G
*Mt Sterling PD – Jessica G
*NKU PD – Pam K
Paintsville PD – Robin F
Paris PD – Robin F
*Park Hills PD – Becky G / Co-Leader
*Pendleton County SO – Becky G / Co-Leader
Radcliff PD – Patrica S
*Richmond PD – Laurie A
*Scott County Dispatch – Julia L
*Scott County SO – Julia L / Robin F
Stanford PD – Robin F
*Taylor Mill PD – Jessica S
Transylvania Univ Public Safety – Robin F
*Univ of Kentucky PD – Kim P
*Univ of Lousivlle PD – Lindsey A
Versailles PD – Robin F
*Villa Hills PD – Becky G / Co-Leader
*Warsaw PD – Everett H
*Williamstown PD – Becky G / Co-Leader
Winchester PD – Robin F
Woodford County SO – Robin F


*Mashpee PD – Rebecca C
*Sandwich PD – Erin M
*Wareham PD – Rebecca C


*Baltimore County – Towson Prec – Jill J
*Howard County PD – Jill J
*Howard County SO – Jill J
*Maryland State PD (Waterloo Bar) – Jill J


Cass County Jail – Brianna G
Cass County SO – Brianna G
*Fargo PD – Brianna G


*Brighton PD – Sally Z
*Brockport PD – Sally Z
*Canandaigua PD – Debbie W
*East Rochester PD – Sally Z
*Fairport PD – Sally Z
*Gates PD – Debbie W
*Irondequoit PD – Sally Z
*Monroe County SO – Sally Z
*New York St Troopers EZone – Debbie W
*Ogden PD – Sally Z
*Ontario County SO – Debbie W
*Rochester PD – Sally Z
*Webster PD – Sally Z

OHIO (75)

*Amberley Village PD – Wende P
*Bethel PD – Jolene H
*Blue Ash PD – Sarah B
Brunswick City PD – Becky T
*Brunswick Hills Township – Becky T
*Butler County SO – Miranda M
*Cheviot PD – Stephanie M
*Cincinnati PD Dist 2 – Cindy H
*Cincinnati PD Dist 4 – Wende P
*Cincinnati PD Dist 5 – Becky G
*Cincinnati Training Unit – Cindy H
*Clark County SO – Laura S
*Clearcreek Township – Jennifer F
*Clermont County SO – Jolene H
*Clinton County SO – Becky G (Open)
*Clinton County Jail – Becky G (Open)
*Clinton County Dispatch – Becky G (Open)
*Dayton PD – Jennifer F
*Delhi PD – Lori B
*Elmwood PD – Wende P
*Evendale PD – Becky G (Open)
*Fairfax PD – Paula H
*Fairfield PD – Miranda M
*Fairfield Township – Miranda M
*Felicity PD – Jolene H
*Franklin PD – Kandi B
*Golf Manor – Wende P
*Green Township PD – Stephanie M
*Hamilton County Justice Center – Becky G (Open)
*Hamilton County Dispatch – Kelley M
*Hamilton County SO Dist 3 (Symmes) – Paula H
*Hamilton County SO Dist 4 (Columbia) – Paula H
*Hamilton County SO Dist 5 – (Anderson) – Jessica N
*Hamilton PD – Rachel M
*Harrison PD – Brandy M
*Hinckley PD – Becky T
*Huber Heights PD – Joy M
*Lebanon PD – Amy D
*Lebanon Correctional – Becky G / Co-Leader
*Lockland PD – Stacie L
*Lodi PD – Becky T
*Loveland PD – Tiffany P
*Macedonia PD – Melissa C
*Maineville PD – Wende P
*Mariemont PD – Paula H
*Medina County SO – Becky T
*Medina Township PD – Becky T
*Middletown PD – Kandi B
*Monroe PD – Miranda M
*Montgomery PD – Becky G (Open)
*New Richmond PD – Jolene H
*Newtown PD – Paula H
*Norwood PD – Jessica N
*OH State Hwy Patrol (Clinton Cnty) – Becky G (Open)
*OH State Hwy Patrol (Warren Cnty) – Wende P
*OH State Hwy Patrol (Medina Post) – Becky T
*Reading PD – Christa L
Seville PD – Becky T
*Silverton PD – Paula H
Sinclair Community College – Jennifer F
*Springboro PD – Jennifer F
*St Bernard PD – Wende P
*Strongsville PD – Becky T
*Trenton PD – Jaclyn G
*Trotwood PD – Joy M
Univ of Cincinnati PD (Blue Ash) – Sarah B
Univ of Cincinnati PD (Clermont) – Sarah B
*Vandalia PD – Renae M
*Wadsworth PD – Becky T
*Warren County SO – Wende P
*Waynesville PD – Wende P
*Wilmington PD – Becky G (Open)
*Woodlawn PD – Becky G (Open)
*Wyoming PD – Cindy H
*Xavier Univ- Jamie M


*El Reno PD – Ashley H


*Gresham PD – Heather Y


*Caln Township PD – Heather S
Chester County SO – Heather S
*City of Coatsville PD – Heather S
*East Fallowfield PD – Heather S
*East Lampeter – Nicole N
*Parkesburg PD – Heather S
South Coatsville Borough – Heather S
*Valley Township PD – Heather S
*West Caln PD – Heather S


*City of Burns PD – Jessica H
*City of Dickson PD – Jessica H
*Dickson County SO – Jessica H
*Town of White Bluff PD – Jessica H

TEXAS (28)

*Brownfield DPS – Stephanie B
*Brownfield PD – Stephanie B
*Dawson County SO – Stephanie B
*DEA (Odessa / Midland) – Amanda W
Devine PD – Theresa D
*Ector County Hospital Dist PD – Amanda W
*Ector County ISD PD – Amanda W
*Ector County SO – Amanda W
*FBI (Odesa / Midland) – Amanda W
*Garland PD – Gina M
*Haltom City PD – Melissa E
*Hewitt City PD – Kim N
Jourdanton PD – Theresa D
JP Precinct 2 Medina County – Theresa D
*Lamesa PDS – Stephanie B
*Lamesa PD – Stephanie B
Lytle PD – Theresa D
*McKinney PD – Brittani E
Natalia PD – Theresa D
*New Braunfels PD – Wilma W
*Odessa College PD – Amanda W
*Odessa DPS – Amanda W
*Odessa PD – Amanda W
Seagraves PD – Stephanie B
Somerset PD – Theresa D
*Terry County SO – Stephanie B
*Univ of Texas of the Permain Basin PD – Amanda W
*White Settlement PD – Melissa E


Mukilteo PD – Lisa B

2016 Approved Leaders
(Fire Departments)

In previous campaigns, many of our leaders made stops at fire departments during their schedule deliveries for our law enforcement community to share their appreciation of our friends in red as well. This year, we decided to make it official! We are beyond thrilled that addition has already been met with great excitement and support.


Daisy Mountain FD – Jessica C


Bushard FD, Station 3 – Valerie S


Ketchum FD – Kristal S


Bellevue FD – Sharon N
Crittenden FD – Heather S
Dayton FD – Sharon N
Dry Ridge FD – Heather S
Frankfort FD – Julia L
Independence FD -Kyle A
Montgomery County FD – Jessica G
Radcliff FD – Patricia S
Scott County FD – Julia L
Verona FD – Kyle A
Walton FD – Kyle A
Williamstown FD – Heather S


Sandwich FD – Erin M


Fargo FD – Brianna G


Fisher’s FD – Debbie W
Victor FD – Debbie W

OHIO (57)

Blue Ash FD – Sarah B
Brunswick City FD – Becky T
Brunswick Hills FD – Becky T
Cheviot FD – Stephanie M
Cincinnati FD, St 8 – Keleigh D
Cincinnati FD, St 12 – Kristy M
Cincinnati FD, St 14 – Jennifer H
Cincinnati FD, St 17 U1 – Sarah M
Cincinnati FD, St 17 U2&3 – Courtney N/Diana D
Cincinnati FD, St 18 Lunken – Nichol N
Cincinnati FD, St 19 Corryville – Shelly H
Cincinnati FD, St 20 – Kristy M
Cincinnati FD, St 21 U1 – Aimee R
Cincinnati FD, St 21 U2&3 – Courtney N/Diana D
Cincinnati FD, St 24 – Shelly Hissett
Cincinnati FD, St 29 – Aimee R
Cincinnati FD, St 31 – Keleigh D
Cincinnati FD, St 35 – Angi K
Cincinnati FD, St 46 – Jennifer H
Cincinnati FD, St 49 – Keleigh D
Cincinnati FD, St 50 – Sarah M
Colerain FD Headquarters – Karen C
Colerain FD, St 102 – Karen C
Colerain FD, St 103 – Karen C
Colerain FD, St 109 – Karen C
Colerain FD, St 25 – Shannon D
Colerain FD, St 26 – Karen C
Delhi FD – Sarah B
Delhi Township FD – Sarah B
Erlanger FD, St 1 – Adrienne W
Erlanger FD, St 2 – Adrienne W
Forest Park FD, HDQ 42 – Karen C
Forest Park FD, St 43 – Karen C
Green Township FD – Stephanie M
Harrison FD – Courtney N
Lebanon FD – Wende P
Liberty Township FD – Miranda M
Loveland FD – Tiffany P
Medina City FD – Becky T
Middletown FD, St 81 – Kari C
Middletown FD, St 82 – Kari C
Middletown FD, St 84 – Miranda M
Middletown FD, St 85 – Kari C
Middletown FD, HDQ 83 – Kari C
Monroe Township FD – Jolene H
Norwood FD – Samantha S
Ross FD – Kari C
Sharonville FD – Miranda M
St Bernard FD – Miranda M
Strongsville City FD – Becky T
Symmes FD – Tiffany P
Turtlecreek Township FD – Miranda M
Wyoming FD – Cindy H

TEXAS (14)

Devine Vol FD – TheresaD
Haltom City FD – Melissa E
Hewitt FD – Kim N
Natalia Vol FD – Theresa D
Odessa FD, Central St – Amanda W
Odessa FD, St 2 – Amanda W
Odessa FD, St 3 – Amanda W
Odessa FD, St 4 – Amanda W
Odessa FD, St 5 – Amanda W
Odessa FD, St 6 – Amanda W
Odessa FD, St 7 – Amanda W
Odessa FD, St 8 – Amanda W
White Settlement FD – Melissa E
Mukilteo FD – Lisa B

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