Sponsors, Donors, Volunteers: Making this possible

OUR LARGEST SPONSOR, AGAIN Our first and most amazing sponsor came just days into what was a crazy idea to deliver some cookies to some local law enforcement agencies in late 2014. Within four (4) days of this idea, with the help of friends and family, we were able to...
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Let’s kick off Cookies for a Cop 2017!

We are hard at work behind the scenes and ready to get you on board! Check in and find out what to expect for 2017 and how to get your name on the list as a leader!

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Our visit to the Greater Cincinnati Police Museum

Thanks to a tip from Capt Fink of the Cincinnati Police, we decided our fall break adventures would not be complete without a trip to the Greater Cincinnati Police Museum!

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Dear LEO and FF

Our letter this year takes on a different spin than those from the past two with the (official) addition of our friends in the fire service! We are so excited to add red to our logo and expand our reach to those so deserving!

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Explanation of our process

To help you better understand our processes here, we wanted to walk through the reasons we require approval and leaders for each department.

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Dear Ms. Denis

Dear Ms. Denis,
Mock our cookies all you want, but you should know…

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Every fourteen minutes

Today’s events have me taking to my feet over and over…every 14 minutes. This post came as the baking had commenced following the killing of Cincinnati Police Officer, Sonny Kim. Rest in peace, Officer Kim.

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Identification is a MUST in 2015 (and beyond)

This added step for is a must in 2015 for security reasons. Make sure to find out the details of this latest change!

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Support no matter what?

I was recently met with the pondering of should we support our police no matter what? My response brought emotion I hadn’t expected but I thought that this was worth saying and may be worth reading.

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What does it mean to be a leader?

One question that has come up often is “what does it mean to be a leader” so let’s try to answer this as thoroughly we can at this time. Once you’ve read through the following, you will find the form below to get your name on the list to be approved. NOTE: Cookie deliveries should never be made in our name without prior approval from Cookies for a Cop.

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Christmas campaign selfie marathon

If you followed along on Facebook over the past two days, you know that we had an absolute blast with Christmas campaign selfies at every stop and videos along the way. I thought I’d share our selfies for those who did not get to see them all or are just joining us.

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I am off to focus on kindness because right now, anger would be too easy…….too counterproductive.

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Delivering sweet kindness to first responders across the US and beyond.

This annual campaign is built on the idea of delivering smiles and appreciation.



2017 Dept Notes


All leaders are required to present ID upon delivery. Find more on this requirement HERE.

Departments may make a copy for their records should they choose to for added peace of mind with this project.


An open letter to you: Dear law enforcement officers…

Find our stats and media coverage

Our sponsors

Our 2014 selfie marathon – our family took selfies at all of our stops to share our fun along the way. I’ve included notes for each stop to help connect our friends with our journey. We had leaders across the country – 24 states delivering at the same time so imagine this fun, love, and appreciation multiplied that much more!+


2017 Approved Leaders
– Law Enforcement

2017 Approved Leaders
– Fire Departments


2014 Approved Leaders

2015 Approved Leaders

2016 Approved Leaders – Law Enforcement

2016 – Approved Leaders – Fire Departments


Email us through our CONTACT FORM or directly at Becky@CookiesForACop.com.

2017 Approved Leaders (Law Enforcement)

This list will continue to be updated as new departments are added / leaders are approved.
* – Departments we have served #sweetkindness in the past!

Find out how to become an approved leader for your area! GO HERE




*Brookwood PD - Ashley W
*Coaling PD - Ashley W
*Demopolis PD - Melanie S
*Demopolis 17 Judicial DA Off Drug Task Force- Melanie S
Linden PD - Melanie S
*Marengo County SO - Melanie S
Marengo County 911 Center - Melanie S
*Northport PD - Ashley W
*Tuscaloosa State Trooper Off - Ashley W
*Vance PD - Ashley W
*Woodstock PD - Ashley W


Bullhead Animal Care and Welfare - Jaclyn C
Bullhead Dispatch - Jaclyn C
Bullhead PD - Jaclyn C
*Casa Grande DPS - Amanda M
*City of Casa Grande PD - Amanda M
Coolidge PD - Amanda M
*Crit PD - Melissa R
Dept of Public Safety (Metro South) - Shaina G
*Eloy PD - Amanda M
Goodyear PD - Kaycee C
*La Paz County SO - Melissa R
*Marana PD - Robin C
*Parker PD - Melissa R
*Pima County SO - Robin C
Quartzsite PD - Melissa R
*Tucson PD - Robin C


*Arkansas Community Corrections (Newport Off) - Samantha W
Arkansas State PD (Troop B) - Samantha W
Arkansas State PD - Holly M
Arkansas Tech Univ Public Safety - Holly M
Clarksville PD - Holly M
*Jackson County SO - Samantha W
Johnson County SO - Holly M
*Maricopa County SO (Cave Creek) - Jessica C
*Newport PD - Samantha W
*Swifton PD - Samantha W
*Tuckerman PD - Samantha W
*White River EMS - Samantha W


*Corona PD - Debby G
*Huntington Beach PD - Valeria S
Huntington Beach K9 - Valeria S
Huntington Beach Heliport - Valeria S
Huntington Beach Mounted Patrol - Valeria S
Huntington Beach Substation - Valeria S
*Ontario PD - Brandi B
*Redwood City PD - Lindsey T


Wilmington PD Criminal Investigation Div - Jana M


*Alachua County SO - Jessica B
*Alachua PD - Jessica B
*Dade City PD - Jenny S
*High Springs PD - Jessica B
*New Port Richey PD - Jenny S
*Pasco County SO - Jenny S


*Butts County SO - Dorie S
*Clayton County SO - Dorie S
*Griffin PD - Dorie S
*Hampton City PD - Dorie S
Henry County EMS/911 Center - Dorie S
*Henry County PD – Dorie S
*Henry County SO – Dorie S
*Jackson PD – Dorie S
*Locust Grove PD – Dorie S
*McDonough City PD – Dorie S
*Spalding County So - Dorie S


*Aurora PD - Valerie L


*Aurora PD - Patti B
*Batesville PD - Brandy M
*Dearborn County SO - Brandy M
Dillsboro PD - Patti B
*Greendale PD - Brandy M
*Indiana State PD (Versailles) - Patti B
*Lawrenceburg PD - Brandy M
Milan PD - Patti B
Moores Hill PD - Patti B
Ohio County PD - Patti B
Ohio County 911 - Patti B
Ripley County PD - Patti B
Ripley County 911 - Patti B
Rising Sun PD - Patti B
Switzerland County PD - Patti B
Switzerland County 911 - Patti B
Vevay PD - Patti B


*Alexandria PD - Pam K
*Ballard County SO - Heather B
*Bellevue PD - Sharon N
*Boone County Detention Center - Amanda B
*Boone County Dispatch - Brooke M
*Boone County SO - Nick and Brittany S (In Memory of Brooklyn Smith)
*Bullitt County SO - Melissa V
*Bullitt County E-911 Service - Melissa V
*Bullitt County Probation - Melissa V
*Bullitt County Detention Center - Melissa V
*Campbell County Detention Center - Sharon N
*Campbell County PD - Pam K
*Campbell County Dispatch - Becky G (OPEN)
*Campbell County SO - Becky G (OPEN)
*Campbell County Dept of Corrections - Becky G (OPEN)
*Campbell Regional Juvenile Detention Cntr - Becky G (Open)
*Carroll County Detention Center - Everett H
*Carroll County SO - Everett H
*Carrollton PD - Everett H
*Cold Spring PD - Pam K
*Covington PD - Lindsey A
*CVG Airport PD - Becky G (Open)
*Dayton PD - Pam K
*Dry Ridge PD - Tricia B
*Edgewood PD - Mary P
*Elsmere PD - Amanda B
*Erlanger PD - Mary P / Tana L
*Falmouth PD - Becky G / Kyle A
*Florence PD - Brooke M
*Fort Mitchell PD - Becky G
*Fort Thomas PD - Becky G (Open)
*Fort Wright PD - Becky G / Co-Leader
*Gallatin County - Everett H
*Grant County Detention Center - Robin W
*Grant County Justice Center - Robin W
*Grant County SO - Robin W
*Harrodsburg  PD - Heather S
*Harrodsburg  Dispatch - Heather S
Hazard County SO - Brittiany H
Hazard PD - Brittiany H
*Highland Heights PD - Becky G (Open)
*Hillview PD - Melissa V
*Independence PD - Peggi B
*Kenton County Animal Control - Becky G / Co-Leader
*Kenton County Detention Center - Becky G / Co-Leader
*Kenton County Dispatch - Peggi B
*Kenton County PD - Peggi B
*Kenton County SO - Becky G
*Kentucky State PD (Post 6 Grant Cnty) - Heather S
Kentucky State PD (Post 13 Hazard) - Brittiany H
*Lakeside Park PD - Becky G / Co-Leader
*Lebanon Junction PD - Melissa V
*Louisville PD - Lindsey A
*Louisville Correctional - Lindsey A
*Ludlow PD - Lindsey A
*Mercer County SO - Heather S
*Mt Washington PD - Melissa V
*Newport PD - Kelly P (In Memory of Mike Preston)
*NKU PD - Pam K
*Park Hills PD - Becky G / Co-Leader
*Pendleton County SO - Kyle A
*Pioneer Village PD - Melissa V
*Shepherdsville PD - Melissa V
*Silver Grove PD - Becky G (Open)
*Southgate PD - Becky G (Open)
*Taylor Mill PD - Tana L / Mary P
*Univ of KY PD - Kim P
*Univ of Louisville PD - Lindsey A
*Villa Hills PD - Becky G / Co-Leader
*Warsaw PD - Everett H
*Wilder PD - Kristen L
*Williamstown PD - Tricia B


Bossier City PD - Jessica G
*Caddo Parish SO (Work Release and Reentry) - Windy J
*Caddo Parish SO (South Substation) - Beth J
*Caddo Parish SO (CID Detectives) - Shelly S
*Caddo Parish SO (Youth Services) - Shelly S
*DeSoto Parish SO - Christina F
*Mansfield PD - Christina F


*Buxton PD - Becca C
*Cape Elizabeth PD - Becca C
*Gorham PD - Becca C


*Barnstable PD - Jena B
*Barnestable SO - Jena B
*Bourne PD - Jena B
*Brewster- Jena B
*Chatham PD - Jena B
*Dennis PD- Jena B
*Eastham PD- Jena B
*Falmouth PD- Jena B
*Harwich PD- Jena B
*Mashpee PD - Jena B
*MA State PD (Bourne Barracks) - Jena B
*MA State PD (Yarmouth Barracks) - Jena B
*Orleans PD - Jena B
*Provincetown PD - Jena B
*Sandwich PD - Erin M
*Truro PD- Jena B
*Welfleet- Jena B
*Yarmouth PD - Jena B


*Howard County Dispatch - Jill J
*Howard County K9 - Jill J
*Howard County PD - Jill J
*Howard County SO - Jill J
*Howard County Vehicle Maintenance - Jill J
*Maryland State PD (Waterloo Bar) - Jill J
*St Mary's SO - Amanda B


Laughlin Substation PD - Jaclyn C
Laughlin Dispatch - Jaclyn C


Brick PD - Janet D
Point Pleasant PD - Janet D
Point Pleasant Beach PD - Janet D
Springfield PD - Janet D


San Juan County SO - Carol M


*Canandaigua PD - Debbie W
*Gates PD - Debbie W
Monroe County SO - Annie D
*New York St Troopers EZone - Debbie W
*Ontario County SO - Debbie W

OHIO (103)

*Amberley Village PD - Wende P
*Amberley Village Public Safety - Wende P
*Amelia PD - Sharon P
*Batavia PD - Sharon P
*Byesville PD - Jerry F
*Blue Ash PD - Becky G
*Cambridge PD - Jerry F
*Cincinnati Emergency Communication Center - Becky G
*Cincinnati PD Dist 1 - Becky G
*Cincinnati PD Dist 2 - Cindy H
*Cincinnati PD Dist 3 - Becky G
*Cincinnati PD Dist 4 - Wende P
*Cincinnati PD Dist 5 - Becky G
*Cincinnati PD CIS - Becky G
*Cincinnati PD Impound- Becky G
*Cincinnati PD Training Unit - Carrie H
*Cincinnati PD Firearms Training Squad - Carrie H
*Cincinnati PD Recruiting - Carrie H
*Cincinnati PD Supply - Carrie H
*Cincinnati PD K-9 - Becky G (OPEN)
*Cincinnati Police Fed Credit Union- Becky G
*Cincinnati State PD - Becky G (OPEN)
*Cleves PD - Jeff N
*Colerain Township PD - Rachel F
*Deer Park PD - Becky G / Kirstin K
*Delhi PD - Lori B
*Eastlake PD - Carley R
*Elmwood PD - Wende P
Euclid PD - Carley R
*Evendale PD - Becky G
*Fairfax PD - Paula H (In Memory of Nick Hoevel)
*Fayetteville PD - Sharon P
*Forest Park PD - Rachel F
Geneva PD - Michelle R
*Glendale PD - Shari B
*Golf Manor - Wende P
*Guernsey County SO - Jerry F
*Hamilton County Court House - Kirstin K
*Hamilton County Justice Center - Becky G
*Hamilton County SO Dist 1 (Hamilton Ave) - Cara K
*Hamilton County SO Dist 2 (Harrison Ave) - Cara K
*Hamilton County SO Dist 3 (Symmes) - Paula H (In Memory of Nick Hoevel)
*Hamilton County SO Dist 4 (Columbia) - Paula H (In Memory of Nick Hoevel)
*Hamilton County SO Dist 5 - (Anderson) - Jessica N
*Hamilton Township PD - Stacie L
*Harrison PD - Brandy M
*Huber Heights PD - Joy M
*Indian Hill Rangers - Kirsten K
*Kettering PD - Susan D
Kinsville PD - Michele R
*Lake County SO - Carley R
*Lebanon PD - Amy D
*Lockland PD - Stacie L
*Loveland PD - Tiffany P
*Macedonia PD - Melissa C
Madison Township PD - Michele R
*Madeira PD - Stacey A
*Mariemont PD - Paula H (In Memory of Nick Hoevel)
*Mason PD - Kirstin K
*Miami Univ (Oxford) PD - Katie C
*Montgomery PD - Ann F
*Mt Healthy PD - Rachel F
*New Miami PD - Katie C
*Newtown PD - Paula H (In Memory of Nick Hoevel)
*North College Hill PD - Rachel F
*North Perry PD - Carley R
*Norwood PD - Jessica N
*Norwood Police Dispatch - Jessica N
*OH State Hwy Patrol (Batavia) - Sharon P
*OH State Hwy Patrol (Warren Cnty) - Wende P
*OH State Hwy Patrol (Guernsey County) - Jerry F
*Owensville PD - Sharon P
*Oxford Township PD - Katie C
*Oxford PD - Jeff N
*Pierce Township PD - Sharon P
*Plain City PD - Angela B
*Reading PD - Christa L
*Richwood PD - Angela B
*Ross PD - Kassie R
*Seven Mile PD - Katie C
*Sharonville PD - Kelley D
*Silverton PD - Paula H (In Memory of Nick Hoevel)
*Springdale PD - Shari B
*Springfield Township PD - Stephanie M
*St Bernard PD - Wende P
*Terrace Park PD - Kirstin K
Thompson PD - Michele R
*Trenton PD - Jaclyn G
*Trotwood PD - Joy M
*Union Township PD - Sharon P
*Univ of Cincinnati PD (Main Campus) - Kristen L
*Univ of Cincinnati PD (Blue Ash) - Becky G (OPEN)
*Univ of Cincinnati PD (Clermont) - Becky G (OPEN)
Valley View PD - Carley R
*Vandalia PD - Renae M
*Warren County SO - Wende P
*Williamsburg PD - Sharon P
*Willoughby PD - Carley R
*Willowick PD - Carley R
*Woodlawn PD - Becky G (Open)
*Wyoming PD - Cindy H
*Xavier Univ- Jamie M


*El Reno PD - Ashley H


*Ashton Township PD - Alicia S
*Avondale State Trooper Station - Jana M
*Bethel Township PD - Stephanie L
*Buffalo Valley Regional PD - Jessica S
*Caln Township PD - Heather S
*City of Coatsville PD - Melissa I
*Downington PD - Debi R
*Dubiosetown PD - Jessica S
*East Brandywine PD - Debi R
Easttown Township - Erin G
*Hughesville PD - Jessica S
*Kennett Square PD - Jana M
*Lincoln University PD - Jana M
*Marcus Hook PD - Stephanie L
*Milton PD - Jessica S
*Montgomery PD - Jessica S
*Montoursville PD - Jessica S
*Muncy PD - Jessica S
*Northern York County Regional - Lauren N
*Old Lycoming PD - Jessica S
*Parkesburg PD - Heather S
*Penn College - Jessica S
*Pennsylvania State PD Media Barracks - Stephanie L
*South Coatsville Borough - Heather S
*Southern Chester County Regional PD - Jana M
*South Williamsport PD - Jessica S
*South Regional PD - Lauren N
*Tredyffrin Township PD - Beth G
*Upper Chichester - Stephanie L
*Upper Uwchlan PD - Debi R
*Uwchlan Township PD - Beth G
*Watsontown PD - Jessica S
*West Brandywine PD - Debi R
*West Caln PD - Heather S
*West Chester Borough PD - Donna D
*West Goshen PD - Erin G
*West Manchester PD - Lauren N
*West Whiteland PD - Debi R
*Williamsport PD - Jessica S
*Willistown PD - Laura A


*Clover PD - Kayla G
*York PD - Kayla G


*City of Burns PD - Jessica H
*City of Dickson PD - Jessica H
*Dickson County SO - Jessica H
*Town of White Bluff PD - Jessica H

TEXAS (15)

Balcones Heights PD - Theresa D
Belton PD - Theresa D
*Bexar County Constables, Prec2 - Theresa D
Copperas Cove PD - Shellie C
*Devine PD - Theresa D
*Garland PD - Gina M
*Harker Heights PD - Shellie C
*Jourdanton PD - Theresa D
*Killeen PD - Shellie C
*Lytle PD - Theresa D
*McKinney PD - Brittani E
*Natalia PD - Theresa D
Nolanville PD - Shellie C
*Somerset PD - Therea D
*Temple PD - Shellie C


*Franklin County So - Michelle P
Hanover County Dispatch - Ashley P
Hanover County SO - Ashley P
King William County SO - Annie B
*Roanoke City PD - Michelle P
*York County SO (Goodwin Neck Rd) - Erin F


*Mason County DNR - Brandi V
*Mason County SO - Brandi V
*Mason County PD - Brandi V
*New Haven PD - Brandi V
*Point Pleasant PD - Brandi V
*WV State PD - Brandi V



*Garrison Bavaria - Stephanie F

Total Departments (to date): 362

2017 Approved Leaders (Fire Departments)

This list will continue to be updated as new departments are added / leaders are approved.
* – Departments we have served #sweetkindness in the past!

Find out how to become an approved leader for your area! GO HERE



Demopolis FD – Melanie S


Apache Junction Fire Station Rural Metro #859 - Shaina G
Bullhead FD – Jaclyn C
Casa Grande FD - Jacyln C
Fort Mahave FD – Jaclyn C
Mesa Fire Station #213 – Shaina G
Parker FD – Melissa R


Clarksville FD – Holly M
Newport FD - Samantha W


Wilmington FD Station 1 – Jana M


Henry County FD – Dorie S


Aurora FD – Valerie L


Aurora FD – Patti B
Greendale FD - Patti B
Lawrenceburg FD - Patti B
Rising Sun FD - Patti B


Alexandria FD – Becky G
Bellevue FD – Sharon N
Bullitt County EMS - Melissa V
Burlington FD – Kelly P (In Memory of Mike Preston)
Campbell County Central FD – Kristen L
Campbell County Dist 1 (Melbourne) – Halee T
Carrollton FD – Everett H
Covington FD (Co 1, HQ) – Becky G
Covington FD (Co 2 W Cov) – Becky G
Covington FD (Co 5 S Cov) – Becky G
Covington FD (Co 6 Peaselburg) – Becky G
Covington FD (Co 8 Latonia) – Becky G
Crittenden FD – Heather S
Dayton FD – Sharon N
Dry Ridge FD – Heather S
Edgewood FD – Tana L / Mary P
Elsmere FD – Tana L / Mary P
Erlanger FD – Becky G / OPEN
Florence FD – Becky G / OPEN
Fort Mitchell FD – Becky G
Fort Thomas FD – Becky G
Fort Wright FD – Becky G
Harrodsburg City FD – Heather S
Hebron FD – Becky G
Independence FD -Tisha C
Lebanon Junction FD - Melissa V
Lexington FD (Station 2) – Becky G
Ludlow FD – Lindsey A
Mt Washington FD - Melissa V
Newport FD - Becky G / OPEN
Nichols FD – Melissa V
Point Pleasant FD – Becky G
Shepherdsville FD – Melissa V
Southeast Bullitt FD – Melissa V
Southgate FD – Becky G
Taylor Mill FD – Tana L / Mary P
Verona FD – Kyle A
Walton FD – Kyle A
Wilder FD (North Station) – Becky G
Wilder FD (South Station) – Becky G
Williamstown FD – Heather S
Zoneton FD - Melissa V


Desoto EMA – Christina F
Desoto FD – Christina F


Buxton FD – Rebecca C
Cape Elizabeth FD – Rebecca C
Gorham FD – Rebecca C


Sandwich FD – Erin M


Brick FD – Janet D
Point Pleasant Beach FD – Janet D
Point Pleasant FD – Janet D
Springfield FD – Janet D


Fisher’s FD – Debbie W
Victor FD – Debbie W

OHIO (63)

Byesville PD - Jerry F
Cambridge FD – Jerry F
Cheviot FD – Stephanie M
Cincinnati FD, Dispatch - Angi K
Cincinnati FD, St 2 – Becky G
Cincinnati FD, St 3 – Becky G
Cincinnati FD, St 5 – Becky G
Cincinnati FD, St 7 – OPEN
Cincinnati FD, St 8 – OPEN
Cincinnati FD, St 9 – OPEN
Cincinnati FD, St 12 – OPEN
Cincinnati FD, St 14 – Jennifer H
Cincinnati FD, St 17 U1 – Sarah M
Cincinnati FD, St 17 U2&3 – Courtney N/Diana D
Cincinnati FD, St 18 Lunken – Nichol N
Cincinnati FD, St 19 Corryville – Shelly H
Cincinnati FD, St 20 – OPEN
Cincinnati FD, St 21 U1 – Courtney N
Cincinnati FD, St 23 – Maggie G
Cincinnati FD, St 24 – OPEN
Cincinnati FD, St 29 – OPEN
Cincinnati FD, St 31 – OPEN
Cincinnati FD, St 32 – Becky G
Cincinnati FD, St 34 – OPEN
Cincinnati FD, St 35 – Aimee R
Cincinnati FD, St 37 – Michele V
Cincinnati FD, St 38 – Becky G / OPEN
Cincinnati FD, St 46 – OPEN
Cincinnati FD, St 49 – OPEN
Cincinnati FD, St 50 – Sarah M
Cincinnati FD, St 51 – Becky G / OPEN
Deer Park / Silverton FD – Kirsten K
Evendale FD – Becky G
Fairfax FD – Paula H
Franklin FD – Katie C
Geneva FD - Katie C
Green Township FD – Stephanie M
Harrison FD – Courtney N
Kettering FD – Susan D
Kingsville FD - Michele R
Lebanon FD – Amy D
Loveland FD – Tiffany P
Madeira FD – Stacey A
Madison Township FD – Michele R
Mariemont FD – Paula H
Mason FD 52 - Kirstin Klein
Mason FD 51 - Kirstin Klein
Mason FD Main office - Kirstin Klein
Miami Township FD – Ann F
Milford FD – Ann F
Monroe FD – Katie C
Montgomery FD – Ann F
Oxford FD – Katie C
Reading FD – Christa L
Seven Mile FD – Katie C
Springfield Township FD - Stephanie M
St Clair Township FD – Kassie R
Symmes FD – Tiffany P
Terrace Park FD – Kirsten K
Thompson FD – Michele R
United Ambulance - Jerry F
Wayne Township FD - Kassie R
Woodlawn FD – Becky G
Wyoming FD – Cindy H


Bethel Township Hose Company #2 – Stephanie L
Coatsville FD – Debi R
East Brandywine FD – Debi R
Glenmoore FD – Debi R
Goshen FD – Donna D
Honeybrook FD - Debi R
Kennett Square PD - Jana M
Kimberton FD - Debi R
Lionville FD – Debi R
Ludwigs Corner FD – Debi R
Thorndale FD – Laura A
Wagontown FD – Debi R
West Whiteland FD - Debi R
Westwood FD - Debi R

TEXAS (11)

Belton FD - Shellie C
Bexar County Fire Marshall Dept - Theresa D
Copperas Cove FD - Shellie C
Devine Vol FD – Theresa D
Devine FD – Theresa D
Harker Heights – Shellie C
Killeen FD – Shellie C
Lytle Volunteer FD - Theresa D
Natalia Vol FD – Theresa D
Nolanville FD – Shellie C
Temple FD – Shellie C


York County FD Station 6 – Erin F



Garrison Bavaria (Main Installation) – Stephanie F

Total Departments (to date): 162

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